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Kite Station Sicily - Kitesurfing Gear Rental

If you want to try brand new Slingshot kites and highest quality boards like Nobile, Slingshot and Xenon, feel welcome to book Your rental with us!

Every season we provide the most up-to-date equipment from American brand Slignshot kiteboarding: RPM, Rally, SST and Turbine. Range of twin tip freeride / freestyle boards is available. Do You want to try a surfboard, we got You covered! 

Unique atmosphere, safety learning and great fun! Best holiday in your life!

Price list of kitesurfing equipment rentals

Rental package

7 days rental (set)
7 days rental (board)
Rental kite (kit)
  • Full day rental
  • Complete gear kite+bar+board+harness
  • We will help you to choose the proper equipment
  • Induction to the safety systems is included
Kite + bar rental
  • Full day rental
  • You got your own gear but there is a need for different kite size?
  • You want to try one of the best kites in the market?
  • We help you to choose the right type and size of the gear
Board rental
  • Full day rental
  • Board did not fit into luggage?
  • You need bigger or smaller board
  • Try high performance boards!