fbpx Martina Konkel is joining Kite Station Sicily team- freestyle clinics for girls! | Kite Station

Martina Konkel is joining Kite Station Sicily team! She will just quickly re-pack her bags and quiver after winter season in Thailand and already in April, You will be able to participate in her lessons.

Martina is competing in kitesurfing freestyle since 2014 and is always presenting high level and great attitude. She is always qualified as one of the top riders.

We believe there is nothing better then learning to kite from people that love this sport and have commited themselves to it.

Martina is sponsored by Da Silva brand for kitesurf, below You can see a short preview of her skills with few photos and a movie from Brazil.

For more advance girls - Martina will be leading freestyle clinic’s for girls.

You can check up the championship website at http://fordcup.pl

Martina’s professional profile on facebook is https://www.facebook.com/martynakonkelkite/