As every year we are providing You with new equipment for 2018 Slingshot and Xenon- brand new kites and boards!

We co-operate with two high performance brands. Most of our kites are of american company Slingshot kiteboarding and Xenon.

Slingshot is known for it’s bombproof quality, perfect kites for beginners but also on competition level- there was never any company to hold so many world titles!

What is the difference between our school and other? We do not save money on equipment. There are other schools running their lessons with older kites that aren’t fully safe and often defective.

You came for Your holiday, paid the flights and accommodation - expect the best equipment from Your school!

In our school we have all range of kites from 6m2 - 17m2

Slingshot model: RPM, Fuel, Rally, Wave,Turbine and Z

Xenon: RAD, AIR and LIP

We got boards from Xenon, Slingshot and Nobile.