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Wakeboard tours to the islands

Would You like to combine a daily boat trip to Favignana island with wakeboarding?

With motorboats of 150horse power we start off from little harbour at the lagoon and taking You to picturesque bays of the island. Most beautiful hidden beaches will let You immerse in water, we show You the nature and let swim with small fishes.

For those who want to try wakeboarding one of the boats will go for a ride and we will teach You the basics of board riding. The rest of participants enjoy a snack and sicilian wine on other boats. When the wakeboarding is done we all have a lunch and leave to see more of the nature.

To feel the vibe of the tours, please watch the short movie from our trips.

Booking available through info@kitestation.pl or +48 600 876 209

Unique atmosphere, safety learning and great fun. Best holiday in your life!